Auf ein altes Bild” by Slovenian-born Austrian composer Hugo Wolf is a song of the late romantic period, probably written in 1888. At that time Wolf was interested in the themes of Eduard Friedrich Möricke’s poems, one of them the six-line poem “Auf ein altes Bild.” Möricke was a Swabian poet and translator. Owing to his work as pastor, “Auf ein altes Bild” (auf = here: about, on; das Bild = picture) refers to the religious content of a painting by Albrecht Dürer. It depicts the “sinless little boy” (Knäblein Sündelos) as it plays in the lap of the Madonna (Jungfrau), in the background a tree. Its wood will be used to make a cross – the very cross where the child will be crucified many years later.

The YouTube video above presents an interpretation by the English tenor Ian Bostridge and the pianist Antonio Pappano.


die Landschaft = landscape
der Sommer = summer, der Flor = bloom, Sommerflor = bloom, blossoming of summer
das Schilf = reed
das Rohr = giant reed
spielen = to play, ich spiele, du spielst, es (das Knäblein) spielet (today: spielt)
der Schoß = lap
der Wald = forrest, woods
wonnesam = (old) filled with bliss, blissful (today: wonnevoll)
grünen = to become green, er (der Stamm) grünet (today: grünt)
das Kreuz = cross
der Stamm = trunk of a tree


In these six lines Möricke uses the genitive case three times, creating in that little poem richness in meaning and substance. A case describes the role a noun plays in a sentence. The genitive determines possession or dependence. The article (der, die, das) must be changed accordingly.

(today:) der Sommerflor der Landschaft (here: in the “poet’s genitive” in der Landschaft Sommerflor)
(today:) der Schoß der Jungfrau (here: der Jungfrau Schoß)
(today:) der Stamm des Kreuzes (here: des Kreuzes Stamm)

Auf ein altes Bild

In grüner Landschaft Sommerflor,
Bei kühlem Wasser, Schilf und Rohr,
Schau, wie das Knäblein Sündelos
Frei spielet auf der Jungfrau Schoß!
Und dort im Walde wonnesam,
Ach, grünet schon des Kreuzes Stamm!

To an Old Picture

In the summer’s blossoming of a green landscape,
Close to cool water, and small and giant reeds,
Look, how the little boy named sinless
Plays freely in the Madonna’s lap!
And there in the forrest filled with bliss,
Alas, the trunk of the cross turns already green!