Die Frist ist um – The Book


Die Frist ist um
Navigate the Language
of 10 German Operas

by Bernd Hendricks

ISBN 978-1-008-908529

379 pages

$ 28.80

Available at: lulu.com, amazon.com and bookstores

Die Frist ist um—Navigate the Language of 10 German Operas is a compass, made of the author’s passion for music and language. This book steers you through the treacherous waters of the German operatic language. At first, you get aquainted with the most relevant grammar rules presented in concise and comprehensible explanations. Then, you will learn a simplified method to access the meaning of a text without having to consult a translation. Now, the way is clear to approach the 10 most popular operas of the German repertoire.

After providing intriguing background on the composers and librettists and their times, the book introduces the operas’ style, vocabulary and phrases, often uncovering the wit and depth of colloquial and local language. Highlight of each chapter are the linguistic interpretations of the most important—altogether 36—arias and duets.

If you started reading this book fearful of a language that seems to be intimidating and complicated, you will finish it with a deeper understanding of the lyrics. From Die Zauberflöte to Der Rosenkavalier, from Hänsel und Gretel to Tristan und Isolde—you might find that discovering the beauty of the poetry is as rewarding as mastering the beauty of the music.

Die Frist ist um is a reliable companion for role preparation and auditions and will help you to be successful in the increasingly competitive world of opera.