Berlin: 8.000 balloons along the boundary where the wall once stood will be released into the air tonight marking the 25th aniversary of the opening of the border between West and East Berlin. For the last couple of days tens of thousands of people have been flocking to the 15 kilometer long display, like here at the East Side Gallery, close to Oberbaumbrücke. Across the remnants of the wall, I discovered a street named after the singer Tamara Danz. Ms. Danz was born in Thuringia in East Germany. She started her singing career in 1971 with the band Die Cropies. After the prestigious music school “Hanns Eisler” rejected her request to study voice, she sung in various bands, eventually with “Silly,” a popular East German rock band in the 1980s. She received several awards, among them East Germany’s best female rock singer. In September 1989, she demanded in a petition from the East German government political reforms. She ignored the gag order against the petition and read it out loud at her concerts. Two months later, the wall crumbled and, under the pressure of the people, collapsed and preluded the swan song for the state and its ruling party. After the reunification, Tamara Danz continued to sing until she passed away of breast cancer in 1996, just 43 years of age.