Theater vocabulary part I: The compound nouns

My recent workshop “German for Opera Singers” in Berlin brought together sopranos and baritones to discuss theater vocabulary. Stage language in German opera houses is, of course, German, and therefore compound nouns are your companions – no escape.

The workshop’s participants tried to connect the following compounds to create words that describe things or activities on stage. Try it, too, but do not scroll down … yet.


Here are the answers – with another exercize: Choose the verbs below that fit the nouns.

das Lampenfieber _______________   das Bühnenbild ________________

die Hosenrolle _______________   die Generalprobe ________________
die Zweitbesetzung _______________   das Stimmband ________________
der Scheinwerfer _______________

aufführen, haben, singen, aufbauen, blenden, warten, entzünden

Find the answers in part two of the series about theater vocabuary.