In the upcoming workshop “German for Opera Singers” in Cardiff, singers will brush up their grammar, linger over theatre vocabulary, follow stage directions, and dive deep into the linguistics of chosen arias and Lieder. In between, a Berlin-based singer colleague will give advice about auditioning in Germany via Skype. Here is more information:


Who runs the workshop?

Bernd Hendricks, Berlin-based German language consultant, tutor and author of the book “Ach ich fühl’s – German for Opera Singers in Three Acts: Studying, Speaking, Singing”. Mr Hendricks has held workshops in Berlin, Vienna and London, and will be coming to the Welsh capital for the first time.


Day 1:
– Liebst, liebt, liebe, geliebt, liebten – Who loves or is it already over?
Refresh verb basics, conjugate and build the tenses.

– Seien wir wieder gut – The linguistics of Ariadne auf Naxos
Understand the relationships between the characters through the language, and learn fixed phrases that help to memorize parts of the text.

– Zwischen Bühnenbild und Lampenfieber – Theatre vocabulary.

Day 2:
– To the end of the line – understanding Wagner’s linguistics
Understand Wagner’s texts and his order of words, and unlock the emotions underneath its linguistics.

– Little words – great emotions
Explore the words that express feelings or attitudes with examples from the
Rosenkavalier and Entführung aus dem Serail.

– On stage – follow the direction
Understand stage directions and practice the vocabulary of movement and position.

Not scheduled yet (either on Friday or on Saturday):
– What you need to know about Vorsingen (audition) in Germany
Skype conversation with a Berlin-based singer colleague.

Bernd Hendricks

Language consultant Bernd Hendricks holds workshops in Berlin, Vienna and London.

What else?

Each day for 2 hours before or after the group session, Mr Hendricks will be available for individual sessions about the singers’ written audition requests and questions about the linguistics of arias or Lieder they are currently working on.


Friday, December 8, 4 pm – 8 pm
Saturday, December 9, 12 pm – 4 pm.


Roath Room at the YMCA Plas Community Center, 2 Shakespeare Street, Cardiff.

What language level?

Some understanding of the language is desired (beginners, advanced beginners)

Who participates?

Singers and everybody else who is involved in opera productions.

How many?

Number of participants: 10 – 12

How much?

Price: £ 120 per person.
Pay 10 % less if you bring one participant.
Pay 20 % less if you bring two participants or more.
Pay £ 70 if you can attend for only one day.

Where to register?

In Facebook:
Or send an e-mail to Bernd Hendricks:

The workshop is featured at MGR Music, a network for voice teachers at and at the online audition service Audition Oracle at

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