Opera singers in Berlin find it at their door step at any time; Vienna’s singers indulged in it in March, and soon it will be brought to the singers’ community in London:

German for Opera Singers.

The Berlin-based German language consultant, writer and tutor Bernd Hendricks will conduct his renowned workshop for the first time in the British capital.

The date will be announced in a few weeks, but it will be most likely in late August, early September.

Several locations are currently under consideration. It will be a place convenient to the participants to reach.

The workshop will be open for everyone who sings, conducts, or directs, seeking insight into the linguistics of German libretti and Lieder or wishes to request an audition at an agency or an opera house in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Are you interested in participating in the London Workshop? Drop me a line at


The workshop series German for Opera Singers draws singers from all around the world who live and sing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These are some of the themes of previous workshops:


Shakespeare statue across the Berlin opera house

– Ich komme. Haben Sie Zeit? How to write an audition request to agencies in German
– Seien wir wieder gut – The Linguistics of Ariadne auf Naxos
– O namenlose Freude – The Linguistics of Fidelio
– Du heller, wilder Fluss – Understanding the Poetry in Schubert’s songs
– Die Frist ist um – Common Traits in Wagner’s Libretti

In addition, the so-called open workshops are customized for the language needs of the singers who want to discuss aria texts of their upcoming singing engagements.

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