If you are looking for Beethoven, you can find him in two places: in the Vienna central cemetery, under bouquets of flowers, as I have seen last week, or in Prachtwerk Cafe at my Fidelio workshop under a sometimes flowery, sometimes heroic language.
When? April 10, 7 pm – 9pm.
Where exactly? Prachtwerk Cafe, conference room, Ganghoferstraße 2, Berlin-Neukölln.
Topic: O namenlose Freude – The Linguistics of Fidelio
Goal: The participants will understand the language of the libretto, the vocabulary and its subtleties, and how meaning, emotions and attitudes are expressed in the structure of sentences.
Content: Using chosen arias and excerpts of recitatives we will examine the
– language of fear and and worries, and the vocabulary of the dungeons,
– language of love and hope, and what is hidden in the subjunctive and the conditional sentence,
– language of heroism and freedom, and what emotions the imperative carries
– language of tyranny, and the power of the imperative.We will look at words and phrases, and their meanings, of arias, duets and trios by Leonore, Marzelline, Rocco, and Florestan.
What you can do: Bring your questions and your arias to discuss their language.
Who consults: Bernd Hendricks, German Language Consultant and author of the book Ach ich fühl’s – German for Opera Singers in Three Acts: Studying, Speaking, Singing.
Price: The workshop is free. A small donation to cover the rent of the room would be appreciated.
Review: I would like to ask the participants to rate and review the workshop in social media, and for this blog. The workshop will be documented with photos, in a video or/and with an article for blogs and other publications.