American Lyric Soprano Hannah Moss moves forward except in public transportation.

This blog continues its series of profiles of young international singers who went to Germany to sing and live. Their answers to a small set of questions show what it takes to move to a foreign place, mainly to Berlin, and pursue the career of their dreams. Today: Hannah Moss.


Hannah Moss

Where do you come from?
Connecticut, United States of America

Your Fach?
Lyric Soprano

Since when in Berlin?
March, 2015

Your hero in opera:
Joyce DiDonato

Your heroes in real life:
My parents

Your most recent performance:
The Ballad of East Meets West as part of Specs On International Feminist Art and Music Festival. Opera: Sandmännchen/Taumännchen in Hänsel und Gretel in Berlin.

Your next project, performance, and where:
Opera Gala in Antwerp on December 2nd.

Your favorite role:
Donna Anna

Your favorite quality in a singer:
Having a baseline of a fabulous voice, but being able to act and move. Emoting as a full character and not a park and bark voice. Full connection to the drama of the opera and telling the story.

Two things you like about Berlin:
The atmosphere of creative energy and how international it is: You make friends from all over the world.

Two things you don’t like about Berlin:
How early the sun sets in the winter and bad service in restaurants (not everywhere).

A thing or habit of Germans you find funny:

A thing or habit of Germans you find annoying:
Not moving out of the way of the doors on public transport.

A thing or habit of Germans you would like to see in your country, too:
The respect Germans have for the arts and the financial support they give it without any question.

Your favorite German word:
Machen *

(* The verb machen means to do something, to make something, to render, to create. AIF)