Come to the second workshop of the series German for Opera Singers

Topic: “Ich komme. Haben Sie Zeit?”

Goal: Practice to write an e-mail request for a Vorsingen to an agency or opera house and put together a Lebenslauf in German.

Location: Prachtwerk Cafe, Ganghoferstraße 2, Berlin-Neukölln, conference room

Date: Thursday, November 3rd
7 pm – 9 pm

What you can do: Bring your CV, cover letter, e-mail drafts etc.

The teacher: Bernd Hendricks, German Language Consultant and author of the book
“Ach ich fühl’s -German for
Opera Singers in Three Acts:
Studying, Speaking, Singing”

Get a taste of my teaching style with my video.

Price: The workshop is free. A review of the workshop by the participants in social media, their blogs and the blog “Ach ich fühl’s – German for Opera Singers” would be appreciated. The workshop will be documented with photos, in a video or/and with an article for blogs and other publications.

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