I am happy to invite you to my free webinar.




When: On Saturday, May 28, at 2 pm EST
on Sunday, June 5, at 3 pm EST
live from Berlin, Germany.

Duration: 60 minutes.
The webinar is for beginners (not of singing of course, but of the German language).
You will learn …
– to introduce yourself to an agent or an opera house,
– to write a request for an audition to a German agency.
The webinar will be held over Google Hangouts.

You can …
– participate with questions or comments
– watch a live broadcast here at my blog

If want want to participate with questions or comments,
– please send me a short notice at bernducha@gmail.com until Friday, May 27.
(First come, first serve – the number of participants is limited.)
You need
– a Google account
– a browser
– a good internet bandwidth for live streaming.
No software download is necessary.

If you just want to watch the webinar, please go to this blog and follow the live broadcast.

The host: Bernd Hendricks.
I am a Berlin-based language instructor and author of the book “Ach ich fühl’s – German for Opera Singers in Three Acts: Studying, Speaking, Singing”.

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I look forward to seeing and hearing you soon.