The following video shows a projection of moving images onto the facade of Munich’s Nationaltheater on the opening night of a production of Wagner’s “Ring des Nibelungen” a couple of years ago. The projection is called “Weltenbrand.” This word describes the destruction and horrors of a world war, a compound noun, consisting of Welten (plural of die Welt) and der Brand (fire). In dictionaries we find also the word “Weltbrand.Weltenbrand is the “fire that engulfs the world.” According to the video description by the Bayerische Staatsoper, the projection is based on Wagner’s idea “of tearing down the opera house after the performance of the ‘Ring’ and burning the score.”

Watch this video, learn and practice the accusative and the dative by describing movement and location of an action. Below the video you will find questions.

First, let’s clarify words you might not know.

Places where an action takes place:

das Theater, das Dach (roof), der Giebel (gable), die Säule (column), plural: die Säulen; das Fenster (window), plural: die Fenster; der Eingang (entrance), der Boden (floor, ground)

Things that act (subjects):

die Flamme (flame), plural: die Flammen; das Feuer (fire), die Trümmer (as plural, debris), der Giebel (gable), der Wind (wind), die Worte (words)

Verbs that describe an action:

sein (ist, sind), fallen (fällt), gehen (geht), blasen (bläst, to blow), erscheinen (to appear)

Words that describe how a movement or another action takes place (prepositions):

auf, zwischen, nach, in, unter, über, unten (adverb: below), oben (adverb: above, up),

Please be aware that we set the destination of a movement, the object, in accusative (wohin):

der > den

das > das

die > die

die (pl) > die

On the other hand, the place where (wo) something happens, takes the dative:

der > dem

das > dem

die > der

die (pl) > den

Here we go.

Time             Question

0:12: Wo sind die Flammen?

Antwort: Die Flammen sind unter dem Giebel.

0:46 – 0:53: Was fällt wohin?

Antwort: ______________________________

1:02: Wo ist das Feuer jetzt?

Antwort: ______________________________

1:13: Wohin geht das Feuer jetzt?

Antwort: ______________________________

1:30: Wo sind die Flammen jetzt?

Antwort: ______________________________

1:56: Wohin bläst der Wind die Flammen?

Antwort: ______________________________

2:43: Wo erscheinen die Worte “Wagners Ring”?

Antwort: ______________________________