Welcome to “Ach ich fühl’s – German for Opera Singers”
The title tells it all. When you are a singer with the desire to sing German opera, and maybe to sing in Germany, this blog might be helpful to you.
You will read …
– vignettes about the German language, customized to a singer’s needs;
– introductions to specific vocabulary or to new words,
– unusual easy explanations of grammar rules that usually make you feel uneasy,
– and translations and interpretations of arias.
You can …
– practice your German skills with exercises, based on opera plots, arias or the life of legendary singers and great composers,
– communicate with me and your fellow singers and language learners,
– and drop me a line if you are interested in a certain topic or couldn’t understand what I have written.
You will see videos and photos, and hopefully soon – with the help of a programmer – a little game where you can practice German stage directions. Step by step I will ad new sub-pages like “Grammar Parade”, “Aria Wortstudio” or “Excercizes”.
Stay tuned.